Softball League Meeting 3/23/19

Attendance: David Schmaltz (BCA-M), Scott Cantrell (GCC), Hannah Waagen (CCE), Kristopher Millett (SPCC-D), Brian Ferrell (SLB), Eric Mitzelfeldt (AGH), Greg Young (SLB), Will Frankhouser (LPC), Ryan Kramer (AAG), Josh Olsen (BCA-B), Andy Wing (LCB), Kimi Crombie (SPCC-C), Abraham Lincoln (BCA-A), Cody Hamblin (TGC). SPCC-A “represented by SPCC-D”

Opening Prayer – Abe 8:01am

Fields – we have enough for 16 teams

  • So far, only 12 interested
  • Twin Rivers & Henry M. Jackson Fields in North Everett will need to be utilized
    • Eric – parking $ at Twin Rivers? Yes – the idea is that it will eliminate the extraneous usage of the parking
    • Abe – City of Arlington is waiting on us to tell them what we need for field usage
    • Kimi – Stay safe, if you see something, SAY SOMETHING. Call 911 on your own; don’t ask a coach or commissioner
  • Klein will not be utilized
  • Henry M. Jackson maintains fields, so it does cost a little more $ ($40 per game? By hour?) some of that cost includes the use of lighting
  • We did look into MPHS, but calls were not returned


  • Kimi stepping down
  • Abe & Cody to remain this year
  • Let Abe know if interested in position (email


  • Make suggestions regarding format – we are open
  • Keep in mind tournament will be requiring use of fields in Everett and Arlington


  • We need to run numbers – possibly could be more than previous years
    • We do have a small buffer in our account
  • Plan on $550

Admin question (Will) Still non-profit?

  • Yes – Abe to renew every year
  • Could we do fundraisers? Possibly

Teams 14 represented here; 17 total interested so far

  • AAGA – 2 teams
  • BCA-M
  • GCC
  • CCE
  • SPCC-D
  • 7 Lakes Baptist
  • AGH
  • LC360?
  • LPC
  • BCA-B
  • LCB
  • TGC
  • SPCC-C
  • AFM
  • BCA-A
  • CTK?

Looking for teams – 7 Lakes (Brian, Greg + 1)

Looking for players – SPCC-C, BCA-M

Important Dates:

  • Deadline for Teams & Non-refundable $100 deposit: April 6
  • Schedule released: April 13 (+ meeting)
    • Teams will receive scorebooks, clickers, brushes at this meeting
  • Deadline for full payment: April 27
  • First week of games: April 30

Abe’s house is official League Address

Abe to work on electronic pay option today

TeamSnap for next year?

  • Possibility
  • There is a fee involved

Box of equipment to go out to each team on April 13

Ump clinics?

  • Reach out if you know you need to have umps sent to a clinic


  • Ask for help from Kimi/ Robert privately; doesn’t need to go through the Commissioners

Closing Prayer: Will 8:57am

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