Softball League Meeting 4/13/19


Opening Prayer: 8:02am

  • Equipment
    • Coaches will be given 6 mens, 6 female balls, and scorekeeping stuff today
    • Teams who have not been given their equipment due to not being at the meeting will need to meet up with Abe at a later date
  • Metered Parking
    • Twin Rivers is going to have metered parking at the park
    • Abe is working on obtaining 15 passes per team; Coaches will be responsible to coordinate distribution to team members
  • Rules
    • Home runs at Henry M. Jackson – As of right now, the rule will remain the same. The league will monitor how things are going, and make changes if necessary.
  • Field Prep
    • Henry M. Jackson will not need prep (pre- or post-game)
    • Twin Rivers will still need to be prepped (pre- and post-game)
    • 1st game Home Team preps, 2nd game home team cleans
  • Umpire Clinic
    • There will be no formal ump clinic this year
    • Coaches will need to figure out if training is needed and contract the league (Commissioners) to figure out a place to do an informal training
  • Tournament
    • The fields are all reserved
    • The League is trying to figure out how to coordinate the BBQ, with having the fields so far apart, the issue is having people attend the BBQ at Twin Rivers even if their team is not in the tournament
    • BBQ may be catered with a pulled pork sandwich and teams will bring side dishes and drinks. The league will pay for the BBQ caterer (BCA affiliate)
    • Tournament seeding will be adjusted for the single elimination round.
    • Runs for to determine seeding did not work, so adjustments will need to be made
    • Back-on-Base needs to be worked in the mix with having the fields so far apart
    • Tournament players: Coaches will need to monitor players on their rosters. All players on the roster will need to have played 40% of the regular season. Subs who have not played 40% will need approval by the Commissioners prior to playing the game.
  • Rule Changes
    • Request to take the word “intent” out of the intentional walk rule, making the rule now: 4 straight  balls without a strike to a male batter with a female batting behind him, will be sent to 2nd base no matter what.
      • Nominated by Will
      • 2nd: David
      • Vote: 12 yay/ 2 nay
  • Work party
    • No work party is needed this year, due to not playing at Klein Field
  • Waivers Required
    • League Waiver
    • City of Arlington Waiver
    • Nothing required for Henry M. Jackson
    • All players including substitutes must sign the waivers to play
  • Commissioners
    • No submissions for new commissioners. The current Commissioner Board is Abe and Cody.

End meeting 9:04am

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