BBQ Softball Tournament

2019 BBQ Softball Tournament — July 30, Aug. 1-3

The 2019 Softball Tournament is still pending on official dates

Fellowship and Sportsmanship Awards Voting – DUE Friday, July 26

Remind your team to vote for nomination for the Keith Millett Sportsmanship Award (every single player on your team can vote; this is an individual nomination), and your team needs to decide together (1 vote submitted only per team) which team to nominate for the Fellowship Award.

BBQ Saturday, Aug. 3 @ 12pm, Twin Rivers

  • Each team should bring salads/desserts – enough for your team, guests, and a little extra
  • Also we need coolers to put the water and pop in to keep them cold.
  • League will provide meat and drinks
  • Weather looks sunny and hot so stay hydrated and use your sunscreen.
  • Lunch will be at noon so please stay and enjoy the food and fellowship.
  • Team Fellowship Award and Sportsmanship Award will be given out at lunch.

Tournament Bracket


Tournament Specific Additional Rules

  • Rule 4 Players & Substitutions – Sec. 5 PLAYER ELIGIBILITY AND ROSTERS – b: All Tournament-eligible players must have played a minimum of 40% of the regular-season/tournament-play games. The Commissioning Council must approve any potential exceptions, including players playing for another team, before Tournament play begins. All exceptions are dealt with on a case-by-case basis.
  • Rule 5 The Game Sec. 4 HOME TEAM DESIGNATION: ​[…] During tournament play, the team that wins the “coin toss” will be able to designate the “Home Team.”
  • Rule 5 The Game Sec. 6 REGULATION GAME – h: In the event that a Tournament game cannot be completed, an official game may be called after 5 innings of play or 4 ½ innings of play, if the home team is ahead.
  • Rule 5 The Game Sec. 7 – c. TOURNAMENT PLAY​: There is no run limit per inning. If a team is ahead by ten (10) or more runs by the end of the fifth (5th) inning, the game is determined to be complete.

Good luck to everyone. Looking forward to seeing everyone and having a wonderful weekend.