BBQ Softball Tournament

2017 BBQ Softball Tournament — August 3-5

The 2017 Softball BBQ Tournament Weekend is August 3-5. Check the Tournament page for schedule and Team BBQ/Picnic List. BBQ is high noon on Saturday, Aug. 5 (RSVP on Facebook)

  • 2017 Tournament and “Back on Base” Schedule TBA
  • Everyone will play on Thursday so check the schedule and be sure to check for umpire responsibilities. Winners will play on Friday.
  • Tournament Specific Additional Rules:
    • Rule 4 Players & Substitutions – Sec. 5 PLAYER ELIGIBILITY AND ROSTERS – b: All Tournament-eligible players must have played a minimum of 40% of the regular-season/tournament-play games. The Commissioning Council must approve any potential exceptions, including players playing for another team, before Tournament play begins. All exceptions are dealt with on a case-by-case basis.
    • Rule 5 The Game Sec. 4 HOME TEAM DESIGNATION: ​[…] During tournament play, the team that wins the “coin toss” will be able to designate the “Home Team.”
    • Rule 5 The Game Sec. 6 REGULATION GAME – h: In the event that a Tournament game cannot be completed, an official game may be called after 5 innings of play or 4 ½ innings of play, if the home team is ahead.
    • Rule 5 The Game Sec. 7 – c. TOURNAMENT PLAY​: There is no run limit per inning. If a team is ahead by ten (10) or more runs by the end of the fifth (5 th) inning, the game is determined to be complete.
    • Rule Addendum 2017: Pick-Up Players: ​Pick-up players (players not normally on that team) can only be used to supplement the number of players to field a team (i.e, 7 guys and 3 girls). […] During tournament, a pick-up player may only play on a team if they have played during the regular season. (see Rule 4, Sec. 5, b)

Thursday, Aug. 3 – Game Day 1

6:00 Games

7:30 Games

Friday, Aug. 4 – Game Day 2

Saturday, Aug. 5 BBQ @ 12pm, Twin Rivers

  • Each team should bring salads/desserts – enough for your team, guests, and a little extra
  • CCE Youth Group will be hosting the barbecues for cooking the meat. Let Eric know at if you would still like to bring one.
  • Also we need coolers to put the water and pop in to keep them cold.
  • Weather looks sunny and hot so stay hydrated and use your sunscreen.
  • Lunch will be at noon so please stay and enjoy the food and fellowship.
  • Fellowship Award will be given out at lunch.

Good luck to everyone. Looking forward to seeing everyone and having a wonderful weekend.



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