BBQ Softball Tournament

2015 BBQ Softball Tournament — August 4-6

The 2016 Softball BBQ Tournament Weekend is August 4-6. Check the Tournament page for schedule and Team BBQ/Picnic List. BBQ is high noon on Saturday, Aug. 6

  • 2016 Tournament and “Back on Base” Schedule  (PDF)
  • Everyone will play on Thursday so check the schedule and be sure to check for umpire responsibilities. Winners will play on Friday.
  • Rules are the same as league except no run limit per inning and 10 run rule after 5 innings.
  • Other common rules that stay the same:
    • Home run rule is still the one-up rule.
    • With a female batter up to bat, infield must be on the dirt (not outfield grass) when the ball crosses home plate

Donations to the Millett family

We will be collecting donations for the Millett family to help cover funeral expenses after the sudden death of their son and long time SPC-D player, Keith Millett.

Thursday, Aug. 4 – Game Day 1

6:00 Games

  • 16-MFB vs. 17-SPC-B @ TR-W. Ump-GFCC. Winner plays @ 7:30 same field. Loser plays Friday 6:00 @ TR-N.
  • 15-BCA-C vs. 18-CCM @ TR-E. Ump-AGH. Winner plays @ 7:30 same field. Loser plays Friday 7:30 @ TR-N.
  • 8-LC360 vs. 9-LCB @ TR-N. Ump-SLB. Winner plays Friday 7:00 @ TR-W. Loser plays Saturday 8:00 @ K-N.
  • 5-BCA-B vs. 12-SPC-D @ K-N. Ump-AFM. Winner plays Friday 7:00 @ K-S. Loser plays Saturday 8:00 @ K-S.
  • 6-SPC-C vs. 11-CCE @ K-S. Ump-AAG. Winner play Friday 7:00 @ K-N. Loser plays Saturday 8:00 @TR-W.

7:30 Games

  • 1-AGH vs. winner of (16-MFB vs. 17-SPC-B) @ TR-W. Ump-Loser of (15-BCA-C vs. 18-CCM) Winner plays Friday 7:00 @ TR-W. Loser play Friday 7:30 TR-N.
  • 4-BCA-A vs. 13-AAG @ K-S. Ump-CCE. Winner plays Friday 7:00 @K-S. Loser plays Saturday 8:00 @ K-S.
  • 2-GFCC vs. winner of (15-BCA-C vs. CCM) @ TR-E. Ump-AGH. Winner plays Friday 7:00 @ TR-E. Loser plays Friday 6:00 @ TR-N.
  • 7-TGC vs. 10-SLB @ TR-N. Ump-LCB. Winner plays Friday 7:00 @ TR-E. Loser plays Saturday 8:00 @ TR-E.
  • 3-SPC-A vs. 14-AFM @ K-N. Ump-BCA-B. Winner plays Friday 7:00 @ K-N. Loser plays Saturday 8:00 @ TR-W.

BBQ Lunch Aug. 6 @ 12pm, Twin Rivers

  • Each team should bring salads/desserts – enough for your team, guests, and a little extra
  • CCE will be hosting the barbecues for cooking the meat. Let Eric know at if you would still like to bring one.
  • Also we need coolers to put the water and pop in to keep them cold.
  • Weather looks sunny and hot so stay hydrated and use your sunscreen.
  • Lunch will be at noon so please stay and enjoy the food and fellowship.
  • Fellowship Award will be given out at lunch.

Good luck to everyone. Looking forward to seeing everyone and having a wonderful weekend.



2015 BBQ Softball Tournament — July 30 – Aug. 1

2014 Tournament Results

Congratulations to:
Bethany-4th place
Lake Country-3rd place
Smokey Point A-2nd place
Gospel Hall-Tournament Champions

Congratulations to Smokey Point D for winning the Back on Base Award

A big congratulations to Marysville First Baptist for winning the Fellowship Award and to the other teams who received votes. Great job MFB, we all wish we could win this award.


The 2014 Softball Tournament will be July 31, 2014 through August 2, 2014 — The division ranking will determine your slots in the tournament bracket. We will also have Back-on-Base Award for those who continue after the initial 2 losses.

Fellowship Award

Everyone remember to get your Fellowship Team Award votes in ASAP. Deadline is July 24, 2014 so we can get the plaque printed. Please email with your vote.

BBQ Saturday

Tournament Bracket